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Hi! Welcome to I know, it looks like a company, but I assure you it's not. We are a wife and husband team that have worked together for 15 years in the Graphic Design, Web and Video industry, and we needed a home for our work that clients would remember, and so here you are! Like all designers, our own website is always the last to be finished, as we're constantly trying to improve, update, renew, redo our work. This is after all supposed to be our showcase, our home, a place where you can come and visit, browse, shop, and hopefully, call us!

A little about us... We are Nate and Naomi. Nate has been designing and programming websites since 1994. Yes, since websites were little more than text, possibly a graphic and had those nasty blink tags everywhere! He has worked for several companies in various web related roles. Nate began working with video over a decade ago and started integrating video into his web work for the past seven years. He has done everything from high-end six-figure features to broadcast commercials and 30 second web viral pieces.

Naomi has been working in the print design industry since 1994. Beginning with graphic design, then print production, colour theory and finally video editing. She can design anything from your standard identity package, brochure, catalogue, website to editing your video.

Working together, we are your complete package. Our knowledge is extensive, and we're professionals. Because we work as a freelance team rather than a company, we are able to offer you our professionalism and expertise and a lower price.

Please feel free to browse around your site and take a look at our work! I hope that we have the opportunity to meet you soon!